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Day 1 with Konfidens: Getting up and running
Day 1 with Konfidens: Getting up and running

A quick guide to help you start strong from day 1 with Konfidens.

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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Konfidens

Hundreds (and soon thousands πŸ€“) of professional mental health care therapists use Konfidens every day to supercharge their practice. Our aim is to make it an absolute breeze to start and run a private practice or clinic – keeping the admin on a minimum while maximising the experience for your clients.

In this guide we'll walk you through the steps to get you up and running. If we've done our job good enough, this should be easy as pie even for the most non-technical among us (if it's not, let us know!) – you've got this! πŸ’ͺ

Step 1: Create an account

There's two ways to get a Konfidens account: You can either receive an invitation to an existing clinic or you can register a new clinic.

A note on how we use the term clinic: When registering a new account on Konfidens, we refer to it as a clinic. For individual practitioners, you're simply a clinic with one therapist. If you're creating an account for a clinic with multiple therapists you can simply invite other practitioners. This way, Konfidens can scale with you 😍

🀝 Accept invitation to join a clinic

  1. You should've received an invitation to your email address. Click the link in the email. If you can't find the email, check your spam folder and/or double check that the invitation was sent to the correct address.

  2. Follow the steps. Note that the invitation is linked to a specific phone number. To accept the invitation, we'll verify your phone number with a security code sent via SMS. It's important to sign in using the same phone number used by the clinic admin to invite you. If you encounter any issues accepting the invitation, please contact the clinic admin to ensure that the correct number was used.

πŸš€ Create a new account

Go to this page and follow the guided steps. You should be ready to rumble in a matter of seconds!

Holy cow! You're already set to start writing clinic notes for clients and it only took a minute or two 🀩 Although you could start taking clients at this point, there are a few more steps we recommend you complete while you're at it to get the most out of Konfidens.

Step 2: Set up the essentials

Update your business details

  1. Click Clinic in the sidebar and choose General in the sub-menu appearing.

  2. Give your clinic/practice a name and provide your company details. You'll need to input a company number to access certain features.

  3. Click Save.

Activate the features you want

Go to Clinic β†’ Functionality and toggle on the preferred features. The features you activate will be available for all therapists in your clinic.

Optional: Invite coworkers

If you're running a clinic/practice with multiple therapists you can easily invite your colleagues by navigating to Clinic β†’ Coworkers. Click the + New coworker button and fill out name, email and phone number. Make sure that email and phone number is correct as both are required for the coworker to accept the invitation.

Create your first service

In Konfidens, all client appointments are linked to a service. Think of services as the products your practice is selling. Services have default settings that saves you a lot of time when you invite clients or they book themselves online. This is also where you set up automatic appointment confirmation and reminder messages.

  1. Go to Clinic β†’ Services and click New service.

  2. Fill in the fields to create your service and click Save.

Hopefully, most of the settings are relatively self-explanatory. But, if you have any questions, we've written a more in-depth explanation of the various steps here β†’

πŸ‘ Congratulations! You are now all set to use the calendar and book appointments with client. The next step is to set up online booking so that clients can book themselves.

Step 3: Get Ready for Online Booking

Allowing clients the convenience of booking appointments online themselves is undeniably the ultimate time-saver at your disposal. It not only streamlines the process for you, but also empowers the clients with control and flexibility. It's easy to get started!

Write your bio and upload a picture

Go to Settings β†’ Profile. Write a good description and upload your profile picture. These are important steps to make a good impression on the booking page.

Define your opening hours

Opening hours are set by each individual practitioner. To set yours, go to Settings β†’ Working hours and input your desired schedule.

Set your availability

Go to Settings β†’ Self-service booking and chose your desired availability. Each therapist in the clinic can manage their own individual preferences.

  • New and existing clients: lets anyone book an appointment with you. Great if you have available capacity for new clients

  • Existing clients only: allows only existing clients to book appointments. To do this they'll need to sign in on the booking page. A good option if you have limited capacity and cannot risk new clients occupying time reserved for those currently in treatment, whilst still wanting to reap the benefits of self-service scheduling.

The two bottom options are pretty straight forward so we'll keep it at that for now.

Configure your time magnet

Go to Settings β†’ Self-service booking and pick your preferred option. The time magnet helps prevent gaps in your schedule by limiting the times clients can book on their own. For more details, refer to our dedicated guide here.

Pick your services

Each therapist associated with the clinic can choose which of the clinics services they provide. Make your selection by toggling them on or off.

Clinic managers may do a lot of these steps for the therapists by going to Clinic β†’ Coworkers and clicking the three dots next to a coworkers name.

Check the settings

Navigate to Clinic β†’ Self-service booking and go over the settings. Make sure the booking link is how you want it and set your booking periods.

Link to your online booking

Now, the only thing left to do is to make your booking link available for others to find πŸ™Œ

  1. Go to Clinic β†’ Self-service booking

  2. In the box at the top of the page, click on the drop-down and choose which link you want and click Copy link.

  3. Create a button on your website, linking to your booking page (or use it anywhere else you find useful)

πŸ’‘ Konfidens supports linking directly a pre-selected therapist or service. This provides great flexibility. For instance, if you present the clinics therapist on your website you could create a button for each that starts the booking process with that specific therapist directly.

Puh! If you're still with me, well done πŸ‘

We've covered a lot. Hopefully it was easy to follow. You should now be all set to embark on your mental health care journey and help more clients than ever before.

If you should run into any trouble at all, we're here to help any time. Now, go help someone who needs it ❀️

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