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Add self-service booking to your website
Add self-service booking to your website

Let's show you how to integrate the self-service booking with your website.

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To connect your website with Konfidens' self-service booking there's three simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Clinic → Self-service booking

  2. Select your desired destination from the dropdown in the top section on the screen and click Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard.

  3. Add a button to your website point to the link you just copied.

Returning to your website after booking

By default, we'll show a booking confirmation page with a summary and button for adding the appointment to the client's calendar.

If you rather wish to return to the original web page, you can specify a Return URL under advanced settings on the same page.

Read more about this in this guide.

Tracking sales and marketing efforts

For users on Pro plan, Konfidens supports tracking the source of the booking, and your utm details.

Simply add URL parameters when linking the client to your booking page. For instance, if your booking page is, you can include campaign and source data with the following URL:

Linking to a specific service or practitioner

The booking solution supports creating links directly to several parts of the booking flow. You can create buttons to send your website visitors directly to a pre-selected practitioner or service, or to an overview of all practitioners and services.

How to use this:

  • If you have a section on your website presenting the practitioners in your clinic, create a button next to each therapist linking directly to book an appointment with that specific therapist.

  • If you describe different treatment options on your website, create a button in conjunction with each option, taking the user directly to book this specific service.

Using this approach makes it easier for website visitors to take action and book an appointment with you. It also helps you drive more qualified leads, as they are already aware of which service or practitioner they’re interested in before clicking the button.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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