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Combine two clients

If you end up with a duplicate client, use the merge tool to combine them.

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When is this guide useful?
If you get two entries in your client list for the same person, you can use this guide to merge them into a single client.

  1. In the client list, find the client you do not wish to keep anymore. Select "..." and Merge clients.

2. Identify the client that this one should be merged with.

Note that phone number, name or email must be the same for a match to appear. If no duplicates are found, try updating the name or phone number before re-attempting to merge the two clients.

3. If there's any information about the client that will be overridden after merging, a red warning label will be shown. Click "Show more" to display what information will be added or lost. If needed, you can update the client information in the individual client pages before moving on.

Click "Merge" to combine the two clients.

Done! Your client list should be updated shortly.

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