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In this step by step instruction we'll show you how to add your first client and write a session note.

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Adding a New Client

  1. To register new clients in the system, click on "Clients" in the side menu to access the client list.

  2. To add a new patient, all you need is a name. We also recommend adding a phone or email if available. You can provide all other personal information after the patient is created, allowing you to start with a new patient quickly.

Adding Additional Personal Information

Click on the "Personal Information" tab at the top of the page. Konfidens supports various types of personal information. When you add a valid social security number, you will notice the patient's age displayed next to their name at the top.

Writing Your First Clinical Note

Go to the "Clinical Notes" tab and click on "New Note" to create your first clinical note. The first line of the note is the title.

Konfidens supports keyboard shortcuts. Press cmd (Mac) / ctrl (Windows) + b for bold text, i for italics, and u for underlining.

Signing Clinical Notes

In accordance with current regulations for health care professionals, Konfidens requires the practitioner to sign the clinical note when it is completed. Once a note is signed, it is no longer possible to edit the content directly. If there is a need to make changes later, you must reopen the note by clicking the three dots on the card's right side and selecting "Edit."

Secure file upload

For each client, you have a secure file area. Go to the Files section and upload relevant files. You can customise the title and description to make your list clean and tidy. To edit, delete or download a file, click the three dots on the right.

Good to Know

πŸ” Everything you write is automatically and securely saved to the cloud in real time. Displayed by the small green checkmark icon on the top right of a note.

πŸ—“οΈ You can change the date of the note. To do this, open the note and click on the date to edit it.

πŸ‘€ You can open/close all notes by clicking the button with the two arrows above the top note. This way you can quickly jump between a birds-eye view of the client history and a deep-dive.

πŸŽ—οΈ By clicking the Memo button on the top right of the page, you can add a sticky note below the client name. Great if there is some important information you need to make sure you remember.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. To get the most out of Konfidens we also recommend you to check out phrases. This feature can save tons of time!

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